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The New Normal

So as you guys know we have been battling the COVID19 epidemic.  With that affecting the entire world we are still at war and still trying to beat this disease.  With jobs lost and affecting everything from, the travel industry, hospitality, small businesses, and everything in between.  So what is the new normal?  Is doing business and working from home the new normal?  One thing is for sure, the internet is exploding from, Netflix, jobs being created to schools, etc.  Some businesses have to be done in person, like the restaurant business. Bu one industry specifically that has been doing well and have created jobs was the grocery and food industry.  From Instacrt to Postmates, Grab hub, etc, just skyrocketing and is in demand like we have never seen before.  With that being said some companies have decided to expand their portfolios and made food delivery as part of their business.  This is what JC Premiere has done and made it very affordable for anyone to own a piece of the pie.  Have you ever dreamed or wonder what it would be like to actually be a franchise owner?  Maybe you have, but when you started to look into it and do your homework.  It was too much and turned you off so you looked elsewhere.  So what is the average cost of a franchise, yet alone an international one?  Well, franchise varies depending on the brand.  Some of the big ones are Mcdonals, KFC, Taco Bell, Pizza Hut to name a few.  You can easily say that owning one of those is in the hundreds of thousands and sometimes that doesn't even come with the space nor the construction of the building.  That's just owning the rights to the name.  Then you have your operating costs.  Before you know it you probably have stopped adding the cost and turned to something else.

So what if I told you, you can easily be a proud owner of a franchise internationally and costs less than a ticket to Florida?  Well, believe it, folks.  JC Premiere is an international company that has numerous brands to its name.  And do to the epidemic, they have decided to add online shopping for their products.  And you can be a part of that.  If you ever watched or read the story of Mcdonals, KFC, and other franchise giants.  Well, this is your opportunity to be part of the action.  Don't take my word for it though you can do your research on the company and make a decision for your self, I can assure you the money you are going to spend on this will cost you less than a vacation in Miami, Florida.  I myself have joined and wanted to be a piece of the action.  So if you want to know more.  Go ahead and click on the "RSVP presentation" link on the right located on the home page and we can schedule you a presentation on how the business works.  Trust me you do not want to miss this opportunity and you can proudly say that you are a franchise owner of an international company.


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