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Basic building blocks of getting your store online

So finally you decided to try to start a business online or maybe you already have a store and want to reach out to more people to grow your small business.  The great thing about the internet is anyone nowadays can start their online business and practically anything.  Oh yeah and I mean anything.  If it can be sold you can find it online trust me.  From brand new items like TVs, clothes, furniture even cars now you can order online and within a few hours, your car is delivered right at your front door.  Amazing how the internet has evolved throwout the years.  You can even sell 2nd hand clothes online.  You can do that through facebook on their business or market place.  If you're in the Philippines Lazada is probably the number 1 site where you can pretty much buy and sell anything.  It's your equivalent of Amazon in the United States which I'm very familiar with on both.  

So the first thing before even getting online is you need to find a home.  What did you say?  Yeah you heard me right.  But not a regular home or a house you live in physically but an actual place on the internet.  So it's like searching for a city or country you want to live in.  So that's where a "host" comes in.  A host is pretty much where your "online store" will be hosted.  So you have giants like "GoDaddy," "Wix" "Namecheap" and of course our own "" This article you are reading is hosted by our own host and yes, I can tell you to signup and so we can make some money, but I won't tell you that.  And honestly if you are a beginner and don't know much about hosts, URLS, SEO, etc.. I don't suggest our own "your brand" host.  Just because it's not meant for beginners at all.  But you can come back here later and get the link and you will understand why I decided to create and open a "your brand" host and will make better sense.  Even as experienced as I am I had to do quite a bit of reading and messing around with things just to get the whole platform.  What I do suggest is to signup and register your domain name to start.  This will include the basics and you are able to launch your own website for as low as $2.99 a month which is one of the combo packages; includes your personalized email like  The promotions do change so go check it out. But what it is also great for is if you want to start reselling your own services of hosting people's websites and blogs etc and make some money on the side.  This is a great way and actually the best way to do that is signup and open a reseller account and so when you actually have your site up you can just have a link on your storefront linking it to yur own webpage and you get a commission off of everyone that signs up.  But I didn't want to get too technical since I promised I would try to keep this basic to the everyday people.

So now you finally decided on a host, now it's time to pick a URL or some call it your domain or in our terms, called website.  So your URL or website address is basically your address on the internet.  It's like giving someone your home address so they can get to you.  Which we suggest keeping it simple, catchy, and short as possible.  That way it's straight to the point and my advice is to try to come up with a name that describes your business.  For example if someone says or we automatically have an idea of what the site is going to be about.  So whatever you come up with you can have it registered here as well and it usually can go as low as around $9.00 a year just depending on the domain.  you can register your URL using "your brand" and if you have an account why not make money at the same time even though that's not the type of product or service you are trying to sell.  I completely agree, but just think about it if people go to your site for whatever reason and they are planning on creating a website wouldn't you rather them signup under "your brand" than someone else?  On our next issue we will be talking about sources on where you can get products to sell online.  I hope you enjoyed this and don't forget to comment and write us a message.

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